List of Countries in Antarctica

Unlike the other continents, there are no sovereign countries or official territorial divisions in Antarctica.

The entire continent is governed by the Antarctic Treaty System, which sets aside Antarctica as a scientific preserve and prohibits military activities or mineral resource extraction.

While no country has sovereignty over any part of Antarctica, seven nations have made territorial claims in the region:

The boundaries and validity of these claims are not formally recognized under the Antarctic Treaty.

Several other countries including Russia and the United States have reserved the right to make claims in Antarctica as well.

There are over 80 research stations across Antarctica established by over 40 countries.Nations like the United States, Russia, UK, Australia, Argentina, and Chile maintain multiple research stations on the continent.

While these stations represent national presence, they do not constitute formal territorial control or sovereignty.


So in summary, Antarctica remains the only continent without an indigenous human population or recognized national boundaries and claims.

The nations of the world collectively govern Antarctica through international treaty and maintain research presence, but no country has official sovereign control over any part of the icy continent.