List of Countries in Europe – Alphabetical Ordered

Europe is a continent located in the Northern and Eastern hemispheres, comprising a total area of about 10.2million square kilometers.

Known for its rich history, vibrant culture and economic strength, Europe is home to around 741 million people across 44 diverse countries.

On this page, we provide an alphabetical list of these European countries from Albania to Vatican City.

Whether you want to study European geography or simply look up details about a particular nation, this alphabetical list can serve as a helpful reference.

The countries vary greatly, but each has played a role in shaping the history and identity of Europe.

List of Countries in Europe

In summary, this alphabetical list covers the 45 nations that make up the continent of Europe – from the largest country, Russia, to the smallest sovereign nations like Monaco.

Despite differences in size, culture, language and economy, European countries are united by geographic proximity and through economic and political alliances like the European Union.