List of Countries in North America – Alphabetical Ordered

North America is a continent comprised of 23 diverse countries and territories that stretch from northern Canada down to Panama.

While the region is dominated by the world superpowers of the United States and Canada, it also contains smaller nations with their own distinct cultures and identities.

On this page, we provide an alphabetical list of the countries in North America, starting with Antigua and Barbuda and ending with the United States of America.

Whether you want to study up on North American geography or simply look up facts about a particular nation, this alphabetical list can serve as a helpful reference.

The countries vary greatly in size, climate, population and more, but each has played a role in shaping the history and identity of the continent.

List of Countries in North America

In closing, this alphabetical list covers the 23 nations and territories that make up the diverse continent of North America.

Stretching from Canada to Panama, North America contains massive countries like the United States and tiny Caribbean island nations like Saint Kitts and Nevis.