List of Countries in Oceania – Alphabetical Ordered

Oceania is a geographic region comprising over 10,000 islands scattered across the central and southern Pacific Ocean.

The region contains 14 countries and territories that are home to around 42 million people.

On this page, we provide an alphabetical list of these Oceania nations from Australia to Vanuatu.

Whether you want to study the geography of this diverse region or look up details on a particular country, this list can serve as a helpful reference.

List of Countries in Oceania

In summary, this alphabetical list covers the 14 countries and territories spanning the region of Oceania and the Pacific.

Despite differences in size, culture and economic development, these nations are united by their island locations.

With over 1,000 indigenous languages and cultures evolving in remote island environments, Oceania remains a truly unique part of the global community.

We hope this overview of the countries in this far-flung region provides a helpful reference.