Countries that start with “G”

On this page you will find all countries names that start with letter “G”.

Not only just names you will find other details of each countries listed here like Country Continent, Country Population, Country Area, Country Spoken Languages, Country Time Zone etc.

So this is the list on countries names that starts with “G”


Gabon is a nation with diverse landscapes in Africa.The capital is Libreville, and people speak French.

Gabon is home to around 2.4million people.

They use the Central African CFA Franc for money.Key locations are Libreville, Port-Gentil, Franceville, and Loango National Park.

“Gabon, where rainforests and wildlife flourish!”


Gambia is a small but friendly country in Africa.

The capital is Banjul, and people speak English.Gambia has a population of about 2.8million.

They use the Gambian Dalasi for money.

Important places are Banjul, Serekunda, Brikama, Janjanbureh, and Kunta Kinteh Island.“Gambia, where the River Gambia and vibrant culture meet!”


Georgia is a country with a rich cultural heritage in Asia.The capital is Tbilisi, and people speak Georgian.

Georgia is home to over 3.7million people.

They use the Georgian Lari for money.

Key locations include Tbilisi, Batumi, Kutaisi, Svetitskhoveli Cathedral, and Sighnaghi.

“Georgia, where history and hospitality intertwine!”


Germany is a country known for its efficiency in Europe.

The capital is Berlin, and people speak German.Germany is home to about 83.3million people.

They use the Euro for money.

Prominent cities are Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, Cologne, and the Bavarian Alps.“Germany, where innovation and tradition coexist!”


Ghana is a country rich in culture and history in Africa.The capital is Accra, and people speak English and Akan.

Ghana is home to over 34 million people.

They use the Ghanaian Cedi for money.

Important cities include Accra, Kumasi, Cape Coast, Kakum National Park, and Mole National Park.“Ghana, where vibrant traditions and natural beauty unite!”


Greece is a country with a legendary past in Europe.The capital is Athens, and people speak Greek.

Greece is home to about 10.3million people.

They use the Euro for money.Key locations are Athens, Thessaloniki, Santorini, Mykonos, and Delphi.

“Greece, where ancient myths and stunning islands come to life!”


Grenada is a Caribbean gem in North America. The capital is St.

George’s, and people speak English.Grenada is home to around 126,000 people.

They use the Eastern Caribbean Dollar for money.Prominent places are St.

George’s, Grenville, Grand Anse Beach, and Concord Waterfalls.“Grenada, where spice and serenity blend!”


Guatemala is a land of Maya heritage in North America.The capital is Guatemala City, and people speak Spanish.

Guatemala is home to over 18 million people.

They use the Guatemalan Quetzal for money.

Important cities include Guatemala City, Antigua, Tikal, Lake Atitlán, and Semuc Champey.“Guatemala, where ancient ruins and natural wonders thrive!”


Guinea is a country with diverse landscapes in Africa.The capital is Conakry, and people speak French.

Guinea is home to over 14 million people.

They use the Guinean Franc for money.

Key locations are Conakry, N’zérékoré, Kankan, Mount Nimba, and Fouta Djallon.“Guinea, where mountains and savannas harmonize!”


Guinea-Bissau is a coastal nation in Africa.The capital is Bissau, and people speak Portuguese.

Guinea-Bissau has a population of about 2.2million.

They use the West African CFA Franc for money.Key places include Bissau, Bafatá, Cacheu, Bijagós Islands, and Orango Island.

“Guinea-Bissau, where mangroves and island culture abound!”


Guyana is a land of natural beauty in South America.

The capital is Georgetown, and people speak English.Guyana has a population of around 814,000.

They use the Guyanese Dollar for money.Important places are Georgetown, Lethem, Kaieteur Falls, and Iwokrama Forest.

“Guyana, where rainforests and pristine wilderness await!”


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